BREAKING: T-Pain Actually Sounds Good Without Auto-Tune! (VIDEO)

T-Pain's the go-to dude when you're talking about -- or even briefly mentioning -- Auto-Tune. He's responsible for the Auto-Tuned verse in Kanye West's "Good Life" and about a thousand other records filled to the brim with AT robotic-ness. But this summer T-Pain vowed to "never use Auto-Tune" again... and it looks like he's actually keeping his word.

Last night T-Pain was the musical guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and instead of relying on backing tracks, he just sat his ass down at the piano and sang. No frills, no fuss, just a dude, a piano and a shockingly moving song from a guy who's usually singing about a hot chick with a nice booty. However, T-Pain's new song "Drowning Again" is all about his unending heartache: "Waves upon waves keep me down/And I can't get to the top/But when I get there I'll still be nowhere/'Cause I can't find the one I love/And if I make it out/We should talk about/How you left me."

But it wasn't all tears and emo times. After "Drowning Again" T-Pain lightened up the mood with his Lily Allen- and Wiz Khalifa-assisted "5 O'Clock" (though he swapped out Lily, who is busy being a mommy, for Sophia Fresh). Also, big ups to those Inspector Gadget-style glasses T-Pain was sporting. #NEEDTHOSEIMMEDIATELY

How do you think T-Pain sounds sans Auto-Tune?

+ Watch T-Pain perform without Auto-Tune on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

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