New Video: Karmin, 'Crash Your Party'

Remember that time when you wished you were in a really famous singing duo with your hot fiancé? And remember that time you wished you and your hot fiancé had superpowers that enabled you to turn refrigerators into time portals? For Karmin, that dream just came true. Ahh, the power of the music video.

In their new video for their debut single "Crash Your Party," pop duo Karmin use everyday items like fridges, guitar cases and dumpsters (classy!) to travel through time and crash about a billion people's parties. They're spotted dropping in on breakfast hour in the household of a 1950s couple, crashing a karaoke bar get-together, a beach shindig and a kid's birthday party. (Personally, I'd skip the kid's b-day and maybe crash Ryan Gosling's party instead, but this isn't my music video.)

After some more time travel, the duo end up in the studio where Amy Heidemann raps the crap outta her verse, and her man Nick Noonan assists on the keys: "Sittin' on top of the world/You got the best view/Livin' life with a cheat sheet/Nobody test you, huh?/Your mind is a mess/Heart is a chess piece/Movin' down the board/Now I'm takin' down the king of the castle."

One more quick trip around the world, and Karmin finally takes the stage where they perform to a sold-out crowd of screaming fans. Moral of the story: Crash all of the parties, then start your own. That's a moral we can get behind.

+ Watch Karmin's "Crash Your Party" video.