Solange Knowles' Family Photo Album Includes Beyonce + Jay-Z, Be Jealous (PHOTOS)

Credit all photos: My Damn Blog

While family photo ops tend to lean toward the awkward, "I don't wanna be this uncomfortably close to my sibling" side of things, Solange Knowles takes a different approach -- HELLO, her sister and brother-in-law are Beyoncé and Jay-Z! It's not like Solange has to pose next to her creepy second cousin with the weird toy train obsession (who shall remain nameless). Uhh, can we get an invite into this family, please?!

The "I Decided" singer shares a few intimate photos of her phenomenal life on her blog, My Damn Blog, in what we we'd like to imagine is a project partially dedicated to Bey's bundle of joy. Auntie Solange just wants to remind the future HIP-HOP BABY ROYALTY about the ridiculous amount of talent that runs through his/her flawless family tree. Yes, it's OK to be jealous of an unborn infant.

If we were Solange, we'd be plastering these pics on Facebook so all our haters from high school can seethe with jealousy relatives could keep in touch without making us attend those pesky family reunions. On the other hand, we'd be be up for some cheek pinching from Grandma if that meant a possible glimpse of Bey, Jay and Solange putting on an impromptu Knowles' family talent show.

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