New Song: Kelly Clarkson, 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'

If there's anyone who can dethrone Justin Bieber as the king of all things holiday, it's Kelly Clarkson! Recently, Kelly's been the poster child for strong women (as well as the star of an incredible "VH1 Unplugged," which you can and SHOULD watch here), but today, we're treated to a much softer side of the "You Love Me" singer as she puts her own pop spin on the seasonal classic "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

On the wings of a jazzy piano melody, the song lilts along as Kelly's vocals take center stage. As opposed to her normally booming pipes, in "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Kelly shows off some of her formal training and swaps pop-tinged riffs for classical vibrato. She croons: "Christmas Eve will find you/Where the love light gleams/I'll be home for Christmas/If only in my dreams."

Just as you think this Christmas song cannot get any more Christmas-y, a jazz trumpet plays a haunting melody that conjures images of happy families sitting warm by the fire drinking eggnog, roasting chestnuts, and setting out a plate of cookies for St. Nick's midnight visit. (Clearly, I've watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" 1,000 too many times).

Cliched Christmas scenes aside, Kelly Clarkson's new tune is a holiday insta-classic and will undoubtedly be played more than 78 million times between now and Dec. 25. And honestly, I might blast this jam this in the summer, too -- it's just that good.

+ Listen to Kelly Clarkson's "I'll Be Home For Christmas."