Watch Avril Lavigne Make Christmas Cookies While Being Certifiably Adorable

Avril Lavigne's got plenty of reasons to smile. Her single "What The Hell" is one of the top-selling digital singles of 2011, and earlier this year, she reunited with L.A. Reid, who originally signed her and launched her career more than a decade ago. She recently dropped her gorgeous new record, "Wish You Were Here," spent the year touring THE ENTIRE WORLD and her native Canada on her "Black Star" tour, presented her Abbey Dawn fashion line at New York Fashion Week in September and launched her THIRD fragrance (hi, mini mogul!). Plus, she's racked up nearly 28 MILLION fans on Facebook, and... <editorial aside> she has a dreamy boyfriend. (Oh yeah, and Avril seems PHYSICALLY ALLERGIC to aging. I'm pretty sure she's incapable of it.)

Watch Avril make Christmas cookies after the jump!

With 2011 drawing to a close and the holidays sneaking up behind us faster than a can of pepper spray on a Black Friday at Walmart, lesser folks like ourselves might want to take a little break from a seemingly exhausting year of winning at everything -- or at least take a little nap. But not Avril, whose energy and ability to be good at ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING apparently knows no bounds. (She reserves the right to hair flip professionally.) Case in point: Not only is Avril a seasoned chef (as any Band-Aid knows), she is really excellent at making Christmas cookies, as you'll see in this certifiably adorable (we think!) Buzzworthy holiday video, in which Avril decorates Christmas cookies, shares her Christmas memories and describes some meaningful fan gifts she's received. Now someone PLEASE get this girl a set of decent knives! She's earned 'em!

+ Watch Avril make Christmas cookies (and be prepared to swoon).