Star Spotting: Adele Stans Out For Beyonce, Remains Flawless

Credit: @officialadele

We knew Adele was a fan of Beyoncé when we saw her mouthing “Love On Top” during B’s performance at the 2011 VMAs. But now we’re convinced Adele is a full-on STAN for Queen B thanks to this photo she tweeted yesterday. Adele said, “I’m in bed, watchin ’Gladiator,’ eatin an apple. Heres a pic of me & Queen B last wk in NYC! X,” along with this photo of the “Someone Like You” singer (in a MAYJAH fur hat) doing her best impression of Beyoncé on the cover of the “Live At Roseland” DVD.

OK, your turn, Beyoncé! You’ve said you were a fan of Adele in the past, so now we’d love to see you sitting in a room full of glasses of water, giving your best go at “Rolling In The Deep.” OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE? Guys, my heart rate is rising just thinking about this — Adele loves Beyoncé, and Beyoncé loves Adele, and the world is perfect, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt, OMFG!!!!!!!!

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