'SNL' Hilariously Tackles That Miley Cyrus Weed Joke (VIDEO)

We haven't exactly been subtle about our love for the "Miley Cyrus Show" skit on "SNL" and how perfectly Vanessa Bayer plays (a super exaggerated) Miley Cyrus. And in case you're sick of us talking about it, too bad -- it's our blog and we can write what we want!

Thanks to Miley's little weed joke at her 19th birthday party recently, "SNL" had the chance to once again revisit THE BEST SKIT EVER as Vanessa portrayed a munchie-ridden Miley on this weekend's episode. During her "comedy monologue," a Doritos-obsessed Miley introduces her new friend Jeff (played by Steve Buscemi), who she met at Burning Man. Jeff and Miley made a music video together, "Dancin' With Dogs," which features Miley and Jeff dancing in front of a psychedelic backdrop while three people dressed in plushie dog costumes (wearing sunglasses!) sway back and forth alongside them. (Psst: They're insinuating Miley Cyrus is a stoner, guys.)

The skit continues as veteran "SNL" QUEEN Maya Rudolph returns to reprise her role as the post-Bobby Brown Whitney Houston. She comes on Miley's show to warn her of the dangers of excessive drug use -- those dangers include forever being stuck in an off-white, fur-lined cardigan and suffering from some kind of shoulder/Tourette scenario. Never forget: Crack is whack.

+ Watch "SNL"'s take on Miley Weedgate 2011 on "The Miley Cyrus Show" below.