Watch Sleigh Bells' Sophomore Album 'Reign of Terror' Trailer

In keeping with their usual brain-bashing, face-melting aesthetic, Sleigh Bells get way loud and wild in the trailer for their upcoming sophomore album, Reign of Terror (due out next year). In two epic minutes, the trailer whips through scattered assembled footage from the Brooklyn-based noise-pop duo's recent tours: We see singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller tearing it up onstage, crowdsurfing, headbanging around the dressing room (sometimes while wearing mega-creepy skull masks) and partying hard in various locations (including a Louisiana State University football game -- why not?).

As for the music, the Reign of Terror trailer shreds our eardrums with a lead-heavy metal riff that's completely stripped of Alexis' girl-group-sweet vocals. Relieved of her singing duties, Alexis serves as the star of the non-tour-footage element of the trailer: a gorgeous series of slow-mo shots that show her clad in a military uniform and gazing into a mirror as she serenely brushes her super-glossy hair (damn, girl -- what conditioner do you use?). That brilliant juxtaposition of crazy and calm gives off the feeling that Alexis is dreaming up all the chaos -- or at least musing about all the awesome destruction Sleigh Bells is about to unleash with the new record. And if that's the case, then all we've got to say is this: Bring it on.

+ Watch Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror album trailer.