Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' Gets The 'Pop Up Video' Treatment

In the sage words of the newest member of "The 30 Club" herself, "It's BEEN a while." Britney Spears KNOWS she shouldn't have kept us waiting, but she's here now with a "Womanizer" Pop Up Video! Let's take a little trip back to 2008. Do you have the swagger of a Britney champion or do you need to get reacquainted with Brit's trifecta of hair color concepts she rocks in the video? Give your weathered DVD of Crossroads a rest and let's discuss a few salient facts we picked up from the Pop Up:

1.) The director felt it was mandatory for Britney to be naked in the video, as she'd just gotten back into shape. We feel this directional choice; Britney's glamour in that sauna CANNOT be stopped.

2.) The actor who plays the womanizer hated the stylist-issued boxers, so he rocked his own underpants instead. As an underwear model, he had a better selection of skivvies.

3.) Britney got a red lips tattoo on her wrist the same night she shaved her head. Makeover!

4.) When asked if she regrets making any of her songs, Britney replied, "No. My songs are f***ing amazing." We can't blame her. Why would anyone even ask that? DUH. It's like, empirical that every Britney song is a damn delight.

5.) In the restaurant kitchen scene, Britney was asked not to eat the cherries as they were running low. Brit did the actionable equivalent of saying, "No, thanks -- I choose my own destiny," and ate 12 anyway.

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