New Song: Ke$ha, 'Only Wanna Dance With You'

Credit: Getty Images

Ke$ha's been keeping on the down low while working on her follow-up to Cannibal, (due out in 2012), but it's with good reason. It looks like girl's been spending less free time "TiK ToK"-ing all over the dance floor and more time exploring the hardships of love with an edgier rock/dance sound. The proof's in her newest single, "Only Wanna Dance With You."

Our favorite sparkly sprinkle lover shelves her flashy bass-driven dance beat and welcomes a more pop/rockabilly vibe, packed full of swinging guitar riffs. While the sound may be different, Ke$ha's usually sassy lyrics are stronger than ever, "I'm so over it with love/Every guy just super sucks/They just lie and take my stuff." It looks like Ke$ha's learning that all-important life lesson: Just because they might move like Jagger doesn't mean they're BF material. Can we get an "Amen"?

It's hard meeting quality dudes on the dance floor, but Ke$ha's remains determined about scoring Mr. Right: "It's all I wanna do/I only wanna dance with you/Whatever I gotta do." Mesh those optimistic lyrics with a seriously pepped-up tempo and you've got the ultimate I-always-get-what-I-want anthem.

+ Listen to Ke$ha's "Only Wanna Dance With You."