New Video: Taylor Swift, 'Ours'

If you've ever wondered if  Taylor Swift owns anything that isn't a gold sparkly dress, then you'll find your answer in Tay's new video "Ours" which premiered Friday night on E!. Granted, the clothes she's wearing in the video are probably props that she can't take home, but then again why the hell would she want to?

In "Ours" Taylor plays the part of a "regular person" (which must have been a big stretch for Billboard's Woman Of The Year) with a boring old office job. She wears quite possibly the drabbest gray suit we've ever seen as she trudges her way to work like the rest of us. While in her claustrophobic cubicle, Taylor longs for a better time when her and her man (who's played by "Friday Night Lights" alum Zach Gilford), were frolicking together in the fall foliage, or stealing a kiss before cuddling up on the couch for a movie. As her co-workers make fun of her in the lunchroom (come on now, is this a desk job or fourth grade recess?) Tay sings: "People throw rocks at things that shine/And life makes love look hard/The stakes are high, the water's rough/But this love is ours."

Taylor then drives to the airport to greet her man and as he bursts through the doors, we see he's decked in Army gear and has returned home safely from his tour of duty. The lover's embrace, and the entire human population melts/cries all at once. Behold, the power of Taylor Swift.

+ Watch Taylor Swift's "Ours" video.