Video Premiere: B.o.B Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Strange Clouds'

Those strange clouds B.o.B's rapping about in his latest single may be of the, umm, smoky variety, but the Motion Family-directed video goes for a much more sci-fi sort of feel. The title track off B.o.B's upcoming sophomore album (due out in March), "Strange Clouds" shows people scattering all around after glimpsing something weird and wild in the sky: Northern Lights-esque flashes of pink and purple and blue and -- most frequently -- green (you know, the color of cute little froggies and Christmas trees and... many different kinds of plants). But while all hell appears to be breaking loose for everyone else, B.o.B and Lil Wayne seem totally unfazed -- maybe because Weezy's just patiently waiting for the mother ship to beam him back to his home planet at last.

Mostly shot in the pitch-black night in some big, empty field (complete with shiny green grass shooting up everywhere), the "Strange Clouds" video's got no shortage of cool details: a pseudo-slow-motion, "Matrix"-style throwdown and some foxy babe getting cozy with a black stallion. B.o.B and Lil Wayne are looking good, too -- we're especially digging four-eyed Weezy's Dope Noir sweatshirt, and definitely hope B.o.B's dope denim epaulet jacket is signaling the start of a new trend in old-school, infantry-inspired streetwear.

"Strange Clouds" is the title track off of his second studio record, due out March 2012.

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