Star Spotting: Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Are Seriously Stylish Sisters

Credit: Pacific Coast News

We're starting to think that there's some unspoken oath that famous people take whereby they promise to work 10 times harder while pregnant. Beyoncé is living proof of this "going H.A.M. while pregnant" theory, and now Jessica Simpson's following in the no-time-to-nap-just-'cause-you're-carrying-a-child footsteps. She was recently photographed attending her new tween clothing line launch event with sister Ashlee Simpson and nephew Bronx. We repeat: SHE LAUNCHED A CLOTHING LINE WHILE PREGNANT. We're about to send these famous mamas to Workaholics Anonymous, but we're kinda too lazy to get on that.

The Simpson trifecta arrived to Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC looking as fashionably forward as their girls' clothing line: Jessica wore a fun animal-print top paired with her flawless baby glow while Ashlee rocked dapper-chic in a black trench and skirt combo. The always adorz Bronx sported plaid pants with an equally funky jacket and hat combo. Raise your hand if that kid has better style than you, too.

Business with family can be tough. If we had to work full-time with a sibling, we'd lose our effing minds! So mad credit to the Simpson sisters -- the duo worked closely with designers when creating the collection, and they're still getting along like BFFs.