Watch The Black Keys 'Live In NYC' Live Stream Monday, Dec. 5, On MTV Hive

Show of hands: Does anyone NOT like The Black Keys? ...Didn't think so. Seriously, The Black Keys are like the Thin Mint cookie -- I cannot think of one person on my contact list that does not enjoy them. I'm always in the mood for a little "Tighten Up." And their "Lonely Boy" video? HELLO. GENIUS.

Anyway, back to the point -- MTV Hive's got the hook up for you this Monday, Dec. 5. Streaming live from NYC's famed Webster Hall, The Black Keys are celebrating the release of their latest El Camino (out Dec. 6) with their very own "Live In NYC." In case you're not one of the lucky 1,400 that will be on hand for the show, you can stream the whole thing live on MTV Hive. Plus, tuning in is like, your yearly dose of cool cred in one sitting. You're welcome.

The Black Keys' El Camino is out Dec. 6., now available for preorder.

+ Catch The Black Keys' "Live In NYC" Monday, Dec. 5, on MTV Hive at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, and watch their "Lonely Boy" video below.

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