Britney Spears Turns 30 Today! So We Made A Video!

We're not exactly shy about our love/epic stan-ship for Britney Spears. We grew up mesmerized, consumed by her all-consuming presence, from her "Star Search" days, to the "Mickey Mouse Club," to her total "TRL" takeover, through her entire VMA history, every album, her unforgettable videos, hit after hit, tweet after tweet. Maybe we never said this before, but at the risk of sounding emo, Britney Jean Spears is one of the biggest inspirations behind this pop music blog and one of the reasons we wanted to work at MTV, where one of our ultimate job perks has been surrounding ourselves with people who speak Brit-nese. People who can immediately point to Kentwood on a map, or instinctively just get an "Email My Heart" reference, and remember the denim suit, or get it when we say "I need time," or have her November 2003 Esquire magazine laminated in a safety deposit box, or have many different feelings about a possible alternate version of the "Gimme More" video, or own the Taiwanese version of Britney, or can engage in a healthy debate about whether Danjahandz or Max Martin has had a bigger influence on her music.

ANYWAY, AHHH! We're getting carried away as we usually do when the subject of Britney comes up.

So, in honor of Britney's birthday, we made a little video to show you how Britney's inspired and affected our daily lives here at MTV.

+ Watch MTV's Britney birthday video! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRITNEY!!