New Video: Lady Gaga, 'Marry The Night'

The 13-minute (and 47-second) epic that Lady Gaga has been warning teasing us about is finally here: her "Marry The Night" video. Mother Monster not only revealed that "Marry The Night" would be her longest to date, but she also let us know in her recent Vanity Fair spread that she is reliving the worst day of her life in the video. That worst day turned out to be when she was dropped from Island Def Jam, according to an interview she gave

"Marry The Night," which Lady Gaga herself directed, opens up with the preview we saw a few weeks ago -- a brown-haired Gaga on a gurney being wheeled into what looks like a psychiatric ward. A nurse tends to her as Gaga begins to cry. "I'm going to be a star," she says to the nurse, "because I have nothing left to lose." The video then flashes back to Gaga's ballerina past -- but like, "Black Swan" style. There's a crazy hyena laughing in the background, a mirror-smashing scene and some pointe shoes that look like they could literally kill a person.

Cut to a scene of a very '80s (like, more '80s than 1982), studded-out, Marisa Tomei-looking Gaga entering a house full of dancers. Her monologue continues with one of the video's many comical one-liners: "You may say I lost everything, but I still had my Bedazzler... So I wreaked havoc on some old denim, and I did what any girl would do -- I did it all over again." At almost 9 minutes into the video, "Marry The Night" begins to play as a reborn Lady Gaga sets out to once again conquer her dream of becoming a star. We see her at dance practice, going H.A.M. in a Bedazzled denim bustier, trumping pretty little ballerinas on her road to becoming the highly skilled, endlessly expressive dancer she is now. Images of Gaga's real-life star story unfurl: She carries her heavy keyboard down the steps of her apartment building and dances in the middle of the street in Harlem in a SERIOUSLY Pat Benatar-leaning scene (SO not mad at that or the M&J Trimming reference! That place RULES). At the very end of "Marry The Night," Gaga gets into a car and reveals a message written in marker on her hand: "Interscope Records, Hollywood, CA, 4pm," which begets a very eerie scene where we see a ghostly image of Gaga in a very dark room.

Now certainly there's a WHOLE LOT going on here (um, French, and A LOT of Gaga nudity -- apparently she was in a state of undress in her apartment when she found out she was dropped from her label), and reality is skewed and volleyed about enough times to make you question which dimension you're living in. (Also, for anyone who complained that Gaga's "The Edge Of Glory" video didn't have enough substance, well, you're welcome.) But our take is that Lady Gaga is not only telling her own story, but she's dedicating "Marry The Night" to anyone who's ever tried to live their dream and failed. Exploding cars and fiery street scenes suggest Gaga's burning down her obstacles and past. As Gaga saw her own rise and fall, followed by a rocket-ship trip to unknowable fame, she reflects back on her early days in New York, and her message to fans is simple: Brush your shoulders off and never ever ever give up. "[You're] a warrior queen, live passionately tonight."

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