New Video: All Time Low, 'Time-Bomb'

All Time Low's "Time-Bomb" won’t make you count down to the good part: The new video is half rock show/half comic book thriller and all fun to watch. The video for the band's third Dirty Work single finds the quartet rocking out to the song on an L.A. rooftop backed by sweet lens flares. But it does more than look all shiny and cinematic.

Between power chords, the video takes a page from "Iron Man": A budding Tony Stark has to build a heart-saving device before time runs out or a guns-blazing black ops crew shoots him down. And because it's All Time Low, it's a love story: The medical breakthrough saves the life of his girlfriend ("Vampire Diaries" cutie Malese Jow), who lies waiting in a gloomy hospital bed. (Total Gaga "Marry the Night" vibes. What is it with new videos and sad-looking medical care? Don't pop stars have insurance?)

The song concludes with the pair reaching the rooftop and revealing her glowing chest as the band wraps up the song. It's a cliffhanger ending -- fingers crossed Thor's in the sequel. Or at least ScarJo.

+ Watch All Time Low's "Time-Bomb" video.