Star Spotting: Selena Gomez And Her Dog Baylor Just Being MORE ADORABLE THAN EVERYONE

Credit: @selenagomez

We've already spent the last couple of days anguishing over the cuteness competition in the recent Katy Perry and Taylor Swift cat-off. Now, Selena Gomez threw a wrench in the mix when she tweeted the world's sweetest photo cuddling with her pooch Baylor. While there's never a fair fight in the ancient cats versus dogs debate, we can't help but decide who wins the unofficial adorbz award in this snapshot: Selena or the dog? OK! Obvs Selena wins, but let us have some fun around here!

The "Hit The Lights" singer was snapped cuddling on a couch with Baylor and included the caption, "Look at how big my baby has gotten. :)" But we mostly notice the dog's piercing blue eyes that totally say, "Yup, sitting on this lap makes me luckiest K9 in the world... plus my dad's Justin Bieber. What do you got going for yourself?" Trumped by a pooch, y'all.

Based on the fact that Baylor has the most talented family in the world (and apparently can carry full internal monologues), we wouldn't be surprised if he got his paw in Hollywood soon. We'd so be down with a "Homeward Bound" remake.