The Buzz On: The Trace

Credit: The Trace

The Trace is that band you bring home to mom. They're badass on the outside, but probably great boyfriends supersweet on the inside. And please forgive me for not opening with a line about how talented The Trace are as musicians, but I got momentarily distracted by THEIR HANDSOME FACES.

Moving on to the tunes: Made up of four dudes from Bethlehem, PA, I'd like to call The Trace a pop-rock band because their songs are hooky enough to be pop tunes and hard-core enough to be rock songs. But there's something else floating around in the mix -- maybe it's the boys' heartfelt lyrics, or maybe it's their supertight harmonies, but The Trace possesses a unique quality that sets them apart from other pop rockers.

It's totally possible that this "quality" is actually the fact that these dudes have shared the stage with like, 10 trillion famous rockers. The Trace have performed alongside Hot Chelle Rae, Boys Like Girls, Yellowcard, The Ready Set, New Found Glory, All Time Low, Iyaz Jason Derulo and Honor Society, to name a few.

But it's not all rock for the boys. Ballads like "All In All" show the boys' softer, dare I say in-touch-with-their-feminine side: "I won't go/Until we're safe and sound/With your taste inside my mouth/Just saying, until this moment leaves/There's no place I'd rather be/Will you stay with me?" Again, this was the kind of band you could bring home to Mom! And Dad probably won't punch them out, either.

The Trace's new album The Trace EP is out now.

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