Paramore's 'Misery Business' Gets A Pop Up Video

Paramore has come a long way since Hayley Williams' hair looked like an electrocuted Muppet (albeit it an adorable one!) back in 2007, but as we learn from their "Misery Business (Pop Up Video)," the group's still dealing with some real-life "Misery Business." Our pals at VH1 unveil the story behind the ex-trashing anthem: Singer Hayley Williams stole lead guitarist Josh Farro from his previous girlfriend, but he dropped some heartbreak himself last year, when he and brother Zac left the band and called Paramore a "manufactured product." Ouch. We'd rather get dumped by text.

But Hayley and the band are taking a page from Mary J. Blige (#nomoredrama): Hayley's happily dating New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert, and Paramore released some "Monster"-size singles as a trio this year. As for the "Misery Business" video, it's got more history than just Hayley and Josh: It was shot in a real high school, California's Reseda High, which was also home to shoots for "Grosse Point Blank," "Encino Man" and "The Hard Times of RJ Berger." Which reminds us, we're about due for a Cusack marathon. Going to skip "2012," though, just in case.

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