The Funniest Music Videos Of 2011!

Not every music video can feature dramatic, sweeping crane shots of snow-capped mountains and sullen, pensive stars precariously perched atop a cliff. Or naughty surprised faces and kinda-sexy come-hither winks. And not everyone can writhe around in body paint like Beyonce can or baffle us like Lady Gaga. Some of our favorite music videos of 2011 went straight for the LOLs using parody, satire, good old-fashioned sight gags and intentionally bad overacting. Here, in no particular order, are some of the, well, funniest funny videos of 2011.

+ Katy Perry, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" -- If Katy Perry had only given us Rebecca Black, it would've been enough for us. But she packed her "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" video with over-the-top cameos, including Kenny G blowing sax on a roof, Deborah Gibson and Corey Feldman AND HANSON!

+ Chromeo, "When The Night Falls" -- We're pretty sure that you can't get pregnant just by LOOKING at Chromeo's Dave 1 and P-Thugg... or CAN you? Regardless, the kid is not my son, but Chromeo better be ready to shell out thousands in child support.

+ Jessie J, "Who's Laughing Now" -- In her Emil Nava-directed video, lil Jessie J goes back to school and draws strength from bullies and haters while real Jessie J, posed as a lunch lady in serious need of a makeover, hits back with a raised middle finger and the best revenge of them: BEING FAMOUS BEING AND PAID.

+ Ke$ha, "Blow" -- Unicorns, Muenster cheese and Ke$ha are pretty much all you need to create organic hilarity, but Ke$ha totally raised the bar when she killed -- and mounted! -- James Van Der Beek.

+ Duck Sauce, "Big Bad Wolf" -- A-Trak and Armand Van Helden LITERALLY turn into d***heads in Keith Schofield's ragingly inappropriate, howlingly hilarious "Big Bad Wolf" video. But they find love, so it's almost sweet, right?

+ Beastie Boys, "Make Some Noise" -- Elijah Wood's Ad-Rock impression is scary-good. But Danny McBride as MCA and the Beasties' musical history in cameo form is almost genius.

+ Black Keys "Lonely Boy"-- If you thought that one continuous shot of a man dancing outside of a motel wouldn't be funny, then you thought way way wrong.

+ We The Kings, "Friday Is Forever/ Rebecca Black 'Friday' Mashup" -- Sometimes the funniest videos are the cheapest. And we mean that lovingly, We The Kings. Their "Friday Is Forever" video is a mashup of Rebecca Black's "Friday" and a bizarro joyride with Black Swan, Ke$ha, and Charlie Sheen all in the same car.

+ Foo Fighters, "Walk" -- Dave Grohl is fed up with just about everything, pulls a Michael-Douglas-in-"Falling-Down," minus the super unfortunate haircut, plus the unsatisfying cheeseburger, ends up tased. Guitars, not guns!

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+ Taking Back Sunday, "Faith (When I Let You Down)" -- Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, Taking Back Sunday's "Faith (When I Let You Down)" video is the HILARIOUS, heartbreaking, and heartwarming story of one cat, one viral video, and his journey into porn and back.

+ Sara Bareilles, "Gonna Get Over You" -- A pompadoured Sara Bareilles dancing in the aisles of a Mexican supermarket, magically forming a gang of overexaggerated dancers in matching leather jackets, is equal parts funny and adorable. Makes sense since Jonah Hill directed it (and since Sara is officially adorable).

+ Mac Miller, "Party On 5th Ave" -- Mac Miller raps about partying, destroys a car with a baseball bat, while dressed like his grandpa. It's both cute and funny because Mac Miller looks like he's about 4. Mad respect to the young granny booty poppin'.

+ Weird Al Yankovic, "Perform This Way" -- The undisputed champion of parody videos took the piss out of Lady Gaga's entire oeuvre with his "Perform This Way" video, which featured achingly obvious CGI on-the-nose-ism. Kudos, Al!

+ Pusha T featuring Tyler, The Creator, "Trouble On My Mind" -- Pusha T plays getaway driver to Tyler, The Creator, and together, the adorable duo forms the world's most awkward gang. Tyler egging random passersby and going nuts in a golf cart is funny... if you're not on the receiving end of it.

+ All Time Low, "I Feel Like Dancin'" -- In the vein of classic spoof videos like David Lee Roth's "Just A Gigolo" or EVERY Blink-182 video, All Time Low's "I Feel Like Dancing" lays the parody on thick, taking the piss out of the music business, using heavy-handed product placements and Gaga costumes to hilarious effect.

+ Bruno Mars, "The Lazy Song" -- Why is Bruno Mars dancing around in his bedroom with "America's Best Dance Crew" Season 5 winners Poreotics, all of whom are dressed like monkeys? Because he can.

+ Drive A, "The World In Shambles" -- Like All Time Low's "I Feel Like Dancin'" video, Drive A's "The World In Shambles" video spoofs of-the-now television, from "Glee" to talent competitions, to (of course) the fluorescent orange tans of "Jersey Shore." But the best part is the "Twilight" scene, which is melodramatic even by "Twilight" standards.

+ Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa featuring Bruno Mars, "Young Wild and Free" -- I know you may find this hard to believe, but Snoop and Wiz Khalifa made a video about... recreational pursuits. I'm not saying I condone that kind of thing. I'm just saying that it takes place at N. Hale High School, which is very much a high school I wish I'd gone to. Also, you've gotta laugh at the blatant use of the color green.

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