Credit: famepictures.comJoe Jonas would like to welcome you to the circus! I mean, how else do you explain his new commitment to this serious mustache? At first, we were like, wait. Is this soup strainer left over from the costume department of the Jonas Brothers' "Burnin' Up" video? Perhaps he caught the recent Pop Up Video version of his 'stache in the video and made the executive business decision to execute that facial hair strategy. YEP, NOPE! Joe's been rocking a mustache in honor of Movember, which is an annual 'stache-growing effort where men around the globe grow mustaches to raise awareness about men's health -- prostate cancer in particular.

OK. We can't argue with a good cause. But it's Nov. 30. That thing had better be GONZO by tomorrow morning! Remember how dead sexy he was on the cover of Details this year?! Don't cover that genetic gift of a face with a small pet caterpillar above your lip. Don't deprive us of the full glory of YOUR FACE!

Story developing as Mustache Watch 2011 continues. Until then, watch the Jonas Brothers "Burnin Up" Pop Up Video...