Video Premiere: Howie D, 'Lie To Me'

Looks like those "100" kisses finally wore off. Backstreet Boy Howie D looked pretty perky in his debut solo clip a few weeks ago while watching that lady dance all sassy-like around his house. Not so much now with the premiere of his video "Lie To Me," the second single off of the singer's debut solo album, Back To Me.

After receiving what appear to be some rather troubling BBMs right before his big video shoot (a text message breakup?! THE WORST!) Howie D goes the devastation route in his new clip, looking pained and forlorn while gushing to the camera and really showing us the meaning of being lonely. "Nobody told me we were too young/Nobody told me we couldn't love," he sadly croons during the devastation ballad's crushing chorus. Aww, poor Howie D!

Frankly, I don't know who this girl even thinks she is. Howie D wanted it that way, and you couldn't deal with it? Ugh! Quit playing games with his heart. </Backstreet puns>

+ Watch Howie D's "Lie To Me" video.