Taylor Swift Is Just As Sweet In The Kitchen (PHOTO)

Credit: @taylorswift13

In case you were wondering what Taylor Swift does when she "relaxes," she actually continues her worldwide tour of perfection -- she bakes! And we had the nerve to think that after being named Billboard's Woman of the Year, winning a gazillion American Music Awards and taking on the hefty responsibilities of cat ownership, Tay would take a mini vacay from being one of the most talented ladies to ever exist on this planet. WRONG.

The "Sparks Fly" singer posted on her Twitter, "Winter = baking season. It's on," with a photo of herself working in the kitchen with an electric mixer. Taylor's not the type to complain about the impending doom of cold and snow on its way, but instead embraces the gloomy weather optimistically by making delicious treats.You just know girl's going to wrap those baked goods up (with a perfect little bow) and share them with the neighbors. Yo girl, where can we send you our address?

If this pic solidifies anything, it's that Taylor Swift's consistently one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth, people EVER. She also makes one cute-ass chef -- your time's up, Paula Dean.