POLL: Which Cat Is Cuter? Katy Perry's Or Taylor Swift's?

Credit: @katyperry/@taylorswift13

IT'S A CAT WAR! Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are having a major cat-off, and it's getting UGLY! And by "ugly," I actually mean so fricking adorable I can't stand it.

If you've made a terrible life choice been too busy to follow Taylor Swift on Twitter, then let me clue you in that she's recently become the proud owner of Meredith, aka one of the cutest cats that has ever lived. Taylor's kitten does normal cat things like lying on her her back while making adorable faces, as well as famous cat things like nuzzling up to her owner's arm, which just happens to be covered in the names of every famous person ever.

However, there's another purrfect cat in town, and it belongs to Katy Perry. Katy's brown and white tabby Kitty Purry also happens to be all kinds of adorable. Maybe she's not as spry as Taylor's little gal, but aging is sexy. See: George Clooney.

All of this cat chat has us begging the question: WHO HAS THE CUTER CAT? According to Katy, Kitty Purry is the clear winner. After tweeting an almost TOO cute pic of her and Kitty Purry taking a (cat) nap, she also tweeted some smack at Taylor Swift: "Take that @Taylorswift13 and Meredith!" OOOOH, BURRRNNN.

+ But what do you guys think? WHICH CAT IS CUTER? KATY PERRY'S KITTY PERRY OR TAYLOR SWIFT'S MEREDITH? Vote in the poll below!