Justin Bieber Has A Classy Christmas, Reminds Us He's The King Of Holidays (PHOTO)

Credit: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the boss of Christmas. That's just the way it is. His holiday album, Under The Mistletoe, has already completely discouraged other artists from putting out any holiday-themed albums this year dominated the charts, he's collabo-ed with the original Christmas diva, Mariah Carey, on their remake of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and now he's posted what I believe to be the most perfect, impeccably styled Christmas photo EVAR!

Justin posted a still from his "All I Want For Christmas Is You" video shoot to Facebook and reminded fans to check out the upcoming vid, debuting Wednesday, Nov. 30. Check out the overload of Christmas paraphernalia going on here: You've got the quintessential red sleigh, the fluffy white snow, the chipper Frosty The Snowman, the ready-to-ride reindeer, the glistening twinkle lights, the fragrant evergreen wreaths, the sparkling gold ornaments, the bountiful pile of presents... Uhh, Bieber's Christmas is TRICKED THE EFF OUT.

But the pièce de résistance? Justin somehow manages to look completely festive yet completely badass AT THE SAME TIME. Even while wearing a jacket with sleeves that can only be described as "Christmas stocking chic," Justin still rocks some totally baller kicks. Also, are those leather knee pads?!

What have we learned today, folks? Justin Bieber is (and will forever be) Father Christmas -- position filled. (I do happen to know there's an opening for the King Of Hanukkah, if anyone's interested.)

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