Star Spotting: Jessica Simpson Is The Happiest Pregnant Lady We Know

Credit: Splash News

When I think about being pregnant, I think about morning sickness, mood swings, swollen feet, a sore back... The list goes on and on. But not everyone thinks pregnancy sounds like the most miserable thing your body can go through. Look at Jessica Simpson! It seems like the "Come On Over" singer has been happier than ever since revealing her pregnancy in a festive mummy costume (the way all pregnancies should be revealed). And we say, kudos to her! No need to be like this weird stock image.

Jess was spotted leaving Lady Gaga's Workshop at Barneys in NYC yesterday (hopefully buying me Christmas presents), and she had no problem showing the paps a smile. She's also perfecting her belly-rubbing-indicating-I'm-pregnant move, which is also helpful when you're not pregnant but trying to get through a large crowd of people quickly (pro tip).

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