New Video: Cee Lo, 'Anyway'

Credit: Issac Brekken

We've seen a playful Cee Lo Green in "F*** You," and dude recently goofed around with The Muppets for a cover of the tune on their new movie soundtrack. So it's easy to forget that the sometimes silly guy also has a sensitive, vulnerable side. He unveils it in his new video "Anyway," cowritten by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and featured on the platinum edition rerelease of his album, The Lady Killer.

In the video, close-ups catch a rare sunglasses-less Cee Lo serenading us in front of a scrolling "love" sign while beautiful women sing and dance around, accessorized in colorful fur (because it's a Cee Lo video, duh). As cuddly Cee sings about being accepted by his boo even with his laundry list of flaws, we can only imagine his video inspiring new ways to say "I do" at any wedding. Forget those cheesy vows (who needs 'em?). Say your "for better and worsts" like the flashy singer -- with ample booty shaking.

It's nice to see that Cee Lo's throwing around more "I love you"'s and less F-bombs these days. Relationship baggage is so exhausting.

+ Watch Cee Lo Green's "Anyway" video.