Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Gives Us The Beauty Queen Parade Wave, Kind Of

Credit: Pacific Coast News

There are some things you can always count on around the holidays: at least one heated fight about politics at your family dinner table, falsely promising yourself you'll never shop on Christmas Eve again and Avril Lavigne wearing fingerless gloves with a skull and her own name printed on them. The "What The Hell" singer was on hand for the famed Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, and she perched on a giant pumpkin while greeting the crowd. She's all, "I'M ON A FLOAT!" (Lonely Island-style).

Avril was ready for winter in black boots, black leggings and a white coat ("with the furrrr") as she waved at parade goers. We're not sure if it was all that holiday cheer or if she had just seen one too many giant Peanuts character balloons, but it looks like she wasn't really down for the standard beauty queen parade wave -- she instead gave us more of a "beauty queen if your beauty queen exclusively wears Dr. Martens combat boots" wave. And that's OK.