New Song: Hot Chelle Rae Featuring Demi Lovato, 'Why Don't You Love Me'

Credit: Getty Images

We're not sure what's more impressive: winning the American Music Award for New Artist Of The Year or securing a blazing collaboration with this year's hottest female vocalist. All we know is that Hot Chelle Rae is on an effing roll right now -- they just won their first AMA, and today their collaboration with Demi Lovato has hit the internet.

The song is called "Why Don't You Love Me," and unlike the rowdy "I Like It Like That," "Why Don't You Love Me" takes a softer approach to HCR's infectiously catchy pop-rock. We're not gonna call this song emo, per se, but the boys definitely get in touch with their sensitive sides on this midtempo ballad: "See I can't wake up/I'm living a nightmare/That keeps playing all over again/Locked in a room/So hung up on you/And you're cool with just being friends." The "Skyscraper" singer assists HCR on the second verse, but the song really takes off when everyone gets on the chorus.

On their "Why Don't You Love Me" collaborator, lead singer Ryan Keith Follese admits Lovato's big voice made her the perfect choice for the track: "She's such a powerhouse female vocalist for our generation... She took it up a notch in a way that we couldn't have imagined." Um, not to be rude, but DUHHHH.

Hot Chelle Rae's forthcoming album, Whatever, is out Nov. 29.

+ Listen to Hot Chelle Rae featuring Demi Lovato, "Why Don't You Love Me."