Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Flashes His Devil Horns

Credit: Getty Images

While the rest of you were walking around in galoshes and frowny faces, Justin Bieber was enjoying the NYC rain, metal style. On his way into "The Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday, the "Mistletoe" singer was all smiles and devil horns as he said hi to his fans while some poor schmuck carried his umbrella. I mean seriously, Justin Bieber is the only happy person in this photo.

Once he was inside, Justin Bieber opened up to David Letterman about that pesky little paternity suit and the DNA test he recently took. "It's pretty crazy how people make false accusations," Justin said, "But I'm 17 -- it's gonna happen again, being in the spotlight." He also said about the girl who claimed he fathered her baby, "I think I could smell a weasel a little bit." Yikes! Called a weasel by Justin Bieber on national television?! Don't mess with the Biebs, guys.