Video Premiere: Kid Rock Featuring Angaleena Presley & T.I., 'Care'

You and I both know that nobody would have ever predicted that the same dude who head-banged his way though "Bawitdaba" would later come out with a pro-social ballad called "Care." But Kid Rock has momentarily suspended his inner bad-ass and released a truly moving song that speaks on his commitment to helping those in need: "I can't stop the war/Shelter homeless/Feed the poor/I can't walk on water/I can't save your sons and daughters/Well, I can't change the world and make things fair/The least that I can do is care."

In the beautifully shot black-and-white video, Kid is pictured amongst those in need: a mother who can't feed her child, a homeless man without shelter, and a little one who needs some extra TLC. Angaleena Presley joins him as Kid Rock strums his guitar and the duo sing in harmony: "I pray for life's salvation/Faith is tried and true in tribulation." T.I.'s the last to join in and though he looks somber, he infuses his rhymes with positivity: "And your future way brighter than your present/Quit stressin'." At the end of the video, the serious mood turns lighter as those in need finally receive the help they deserve.

Not only can Kid Rock throw down in the vocal department, but he just might be the perfect dude -- a total bad-ass on the outside, and big old pile of charitable mush on the inside.

+ Watch Kid Rock featuring Angaleena Presley & T.I., "Care."

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