Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Rocks The Running Man (And Animal Pants)

Credit: Getty Images

We already gave the ladies a shout-out for all their American Music Awards success, but girl power wasn't the only noticeable thing going on last night. Our boy Justin Bieber made three separate fashion statements throughout the evening, and we just can't decide which was our fave -- your workday may have been filled with fighting off the Monday blues, while ours involved obsessing over Bieber's style at the AMAs. #HardDayAtWork

The "Mistletoe" singer defined dapper in his tux while getting cozy with Selena Gomez in the audience, and he looked out of this world with a space suit-inspired AMA performance outfit. But since we're ultimate fashion experts paid to make the tough choices, we're gunning for the bright yellow zebra pants bro wore when he DOMINATED his surprise appearance during the LMFAO finale performance with the Running Man. Judging by Justin's smirk, we're thinking it was his favorite, too.

Most dudes would get laughed out of the club if they showed up looking like an MC Hammer flashback, but Justin's not most dudes -- he's famous! That's just one (of many) job requirements of being a well-known heartthrob: the ability to woo the world in even the most questionable fashion choices.