Video Premiere: Nat & Alex Wolff, '18'

Oh, the angst! In the new video from Nat & Alex Wolff (formerly of Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers Band"), the New York City alt-rock duo unleash enough pent-up rage to give Nirvana a run for their money. Or maybe not -- but with their shaggy hair and cheek-pinch-worthy cuteness, it's hard not to be charmed by the band's wholehearted attempt at aggro-ness.

The second single from Nat and Alex's debut album, Black Sheep, the punk-fueled "18" captures the pain of being underage (Nat turns 17 next month; Alex just had his 14th birthday) and dealing with cruel and clueless parents, portrayed here by a scary-perky couple stylized to look like a mom and dad from some 1950s sitcom. While Nat and Alex tear it up in a trashed rehearsal space, their video parents torture them by dancing terribly, spontaneously turning into vampires, slipping on the creepiest clown masks ever and subjecting Nat to a seriously disturbing spanking session.

After a birthday cake catches fire and Nat bashes his guitar through a glass door, the singer (looking something like Julian Casablancas's baby brother in sunglasses and an army jacket) gets magically transported to a kid-populated beach where he finally achieves the bliss he's screaming for in the song's ridiculously catchy chorus ("When I'm 18, I will be free"). Here's to freedom and fang-free parents for all.

+ Watch Nat & Alex Wolff, "18."