New Song: Mindless Behavior, 'Christmas With My Girl'

Credit: Getty Images

Like all good boy bands must do, Mindless Behavior has hopped aboard the Christmas song train! On "Christmas With My Girl," Mindless Behavior packs their abundance of swag into a tightly knit, supercute Xmas track chock-full of reindeer bells and other appropriate Christmas-y sounds.

While the song is totally holiday cheerful, let's remember this is Mindless Behavior, so obviously "Christmas With My Girl" sounds like it could also slay at the clubs, too. The song begins with a laid-back rap about Christmas gifts: "Your presence is the only present that I really wanted/It's priceless/Comin' over?/I got you something gorgeous/I've been saving up so I could afford it." We'd like to think "saving up" means stocking away that weekly $5 allowance, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it actually means writing a check against a massive record advance. But moving on.

Vocal verses are up next and the boys sound surprisingly convincing as they swear, "All I want for Christmas is my girl/All I want for Christmas is my girl." Last I checked, most 14-year-old boys were still in the "girls have cooties, give me an Xbox" stage. Kids these days...

+ Listen to Mindless Behavior, 'Christmas With My Girl."