Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Lit Up The Freakin' Empire State Building!

Credit: Splash News

We know Justin Bieber was actually pulling the lever for the holiday lighting of the Empire State Building, but we know a lot of y'all are probs gonna be doing some serious Photoshop action to this. (I'm sorry but the hand gesture is LOL.) Shame on you, though! Dude's underage! Also, you're probably just jealous that he lit up the FREAKING EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. Rock. Star. Status.

While our big Christmas moment will be polishing off an entire jug of eggnog plugging in the meek string of lights on our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, the "Mistletoe" singer gets to yank the coveted lever at one of NYC's most famous buildings. This is the kind of influence you have on holiday traditions when you've recorded a super successful Christmas album -- you get to officially start the Christmas season. Santa, bro, sorry but you're old news now.