OMFG I Met 'Toddlers & Tiaras' MEGASTAR Eden Wood!!!!!! (PHOTO)

Listen, we get a lot of "media alerts" rolling through our in-boxes: "Alert: So-And-So is feeding ducks at XYZ Bookstore next Thursday, save the date," or "Joe Schmoe is ice-skating for ABC Charity, attempting a world record!" And usually we're like, "SNOOZE," "BORE," "YAWN." But when we heard "Toddlers & Tiaras" SUPERSTAR Eden Wood was going to be promoting empanadas RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from our offices, we were SOLD.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a performance of "Cutie Patootie," but I did get to take this photo with her!!!!! And I think it's safe to say you can CLEARLY see our shine. While some of you might say, "I'm pretty sure there's a Photoshop brush that does that," YOU'RE WRONG. What made us SPARKLE and DAZZLE is Eden. She is every bit the GRAND SUPREME in person as she is on TV, and I really feel like I've been walking on sunshine since I've met her just wee hours ago.

Also, WE GOT AUTOGRAPHS. If this isn't the signature of a superstar, then we don't know what is. To quote Taylor Swift, "I had the best day..."