Star Spotting: Jay-Z And Jimmy Fallon Run The World

Credit:Getty Images

The only thing that might be more adorable than that Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon photo we brought you earlier this week from their GQ Showmen Of The Year shoot is this photo of Jay-Z and Jimmy Fallon at the GQ Men Of The Year party last night in L.A. I mean, just look at Jimmy! He's like, smitten with Jay-Z. And Jay-Z's all, "$$$$$$$."

The two unlikely bros posed for cameras at the arrival of GQ's Men Of The Year party, and I really just want to know what kind of conversation these dudes were having:

Jimmy Fallon: "Hey Jay! I'm loving that suit. I was thinking something like that, but I went with this blue number instead."

Jay-Z: "Nah man, you always gotta go with all black everything."

Jimmy Fallon: "Good point. What are you up to after the party?"

Jay-Z: "Change clothes, and go. You know I stay fresh to death."

Jimmy Fallon: "Ah OK. Early morning tomorrow?"

Jay-Z: "Lucifer, dawn of the morning, I'm gonna chase you out of Earth."

Jimmy Fallon: "Ugh, the gym. Me too."

OK, those were just Jay-Z lyrics worked into a conversation for comedic effect, but I can still pretend Jay-Z talks like this at all times, right?