New Video: The Fray, 'Heartbeat'

Life's a beach for The Fray -- at least in the video for "Heartbeat," the epic first single off their upcoming record, Scars & Stories, out Feb. 7. Frontman Isaac Slade and crew may hail from the Colorado mountains, but they seem totally in their element tearing up the California coast at what appears to be the raddest beach party ever.

Kicking off as the boys in the band ride out to the water and carry their gear down to the shore, "Heartbeat" has The Fray performing bonfire-side for a crowd of crunchy-chic ladies and dudes while scary-huge waves crash in the background. After a great deal of dancing (plus some piggyback rides and sparkler-writing), everyone jumps right into the surf -- bone-chilling Cali waters be damned.

Justin Francis, whose killer résumé includes Weezer, Eminem, The Cure and Modest Mouse, directed the "Heartbeat" video. Shooting on a beach north of Malibu, Francis says he aimed to capture the spirit of a group of people "enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime evening together." Hopefully we'll score an invite next time around.

+ Watch The Fray's "Heartbeat" video.