Star Spotting: Ashlee Simpson In Grandma Sweater Chic

Credit:Pacific Coast News

I think I've recently come to the conclusion that Ashlee Simpson can literally wear whatever she wants. She's had her hair almost every color of the rainbow, and all of the colors look good on her (though I am partial to redheaded Ashlee Simpson -- so good, right?). And apparently, she's now borrowing sweaters from the local elementary school lunch lady, and obviously, because she's ADORABLE, it still works. Unfair, unfair, unfair.

Ashlee was spotted out with her boyfriend Vincent Piazza leaving a T-Mobile party in L.A. last night, and she paired a sexy green and lace dress with something that looks like the couch my aunt has in her basement. But to her defense, they don't get a lot of cold weather in L.A. It's like all the celebs that live there don't know what to do once the temp drops below 60. They're all, "DOES ANYONE HAVE A JACKET?! There's something weird happening outside! The sun is... not there? And there's like, wind! Help!"