New Video: Beyoncé, 'End Of Time (Live At Roseland)'

Credit: Jenna Rubenstein

This past August, a pre-pregnancy announcement Beyoncé performed several sold-out shows at NYC's acclaimed Roseland Ballroom. No need to be too upset if you missed it -- I happened to be in the audience at one of those shows, and it was quite literally the best thing I have seen in my lifetime really nothing special.

But seriously, you don't have to go into permanent hibernation if you missed the gig, because Beyoncé, being the total doll that she is, taped the entire thing for her "Live At Roseland" DVD. And BET's "106 & Park" premiered Beyoncé's latest video "End Of Time," which will appear on the DVD.

Decked in a gold sparkly hybrid leotard/dress, Beyoncé and her all-female band are surrounded by a posse of fierce backup dancers and a stream of flashing red lights. The beat kicks in, and the audience basically loses their collective mind. A full-blown dance number goes down, rife with hip-popping, leg-kicking and hair-flipping moves. And we haven't even discussed Beyoncé's vocals yet, which essentially take the performance to an entirely different stratosphere of incredible. As the audience goes wild, Bey chants: "Come take my hand/I won't let you go/I'll be your friend/I will love you so deeply/I will be the one to kiss you at night/I will love you until the end of time."

If you like what you see (and what the eff is not to like?) make sure to cop Beyoncé's "Live At Roseland" DVD, currently available for presale and officially out Nov. 21.

+ Watch Beyoncé's "End Of Time (Live At Roseland)" video.