The Buzz On: D-WHY

D-WHY? We're gonna tell you. (Ba-dum ching.) Known to his mom as David Morris, this consummate rapper and agile wordsmith is known to his fans as D-WHY. And by "fans" we actually mean really famous people people with great taste in music like Diggy Simmons, Hit-Boy, T-Minus, Boi-1da, Dot Da Genius and Kane Beatz who have all shown their support for the up-and-coming rapper.

Even if D-WHY didn't have a close-knit circle of celeb pals, his music is badass enough for us to take note on our own. Case in point: D whipped Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow" into a super dope remix and video, "Devil Horns To All." D-WHY rhymes over Wiz's classic beat and warns, "Devil horns to all my haters.../Get your face bit off by gators." And while it may not seem like D could arrange a gator beatdown (uhh, he's rapping in a beige knit sweater), something tells us to be wary.

D-WHY's also been garnering buzz via his take on Childish Gambino's track "Freaks & Geeks." In "Shooter McGavin" D-WHY goes in hard over the "Freaks & Geeks" beat, and even gets a little superfast Busta Rhymes on our assess as he proclaims: "I'm Jay-Z/Meets J. Christ/Meets Jay Leno/Meets J.Crew." (Works for me -- I'd totally date that dude.)

But remixes aren't his only bag. D-WHY can also bust out originals and freestyles, many of which will appear on his forthcoming "Don't Flatter Yourself" mixtape, out in early 2012. Oh, and he's also starting a lifestyle blog that will comment on his travels, career and unique sense of style. Jack-of-all-trades, and my future husband (if he's down for that). Score.

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