Here's A Justin Bieber Meat Sculpture Someone Made (PHOTO)


I don't know about you guys, but I know I've always wanted to see what Justin Bieber's face would look like if it were made out of ground beef. What I left out of this fantasy, though, was the fact that his hair should be made out of bacon. Enter whoever the genius is that concocted this equal parts disturbing/equal parts admirable Justin Bieber meatloaf.

From the same folks who brought us "HELLO YES, THIS IS DOG" and "Looks like a leprechaun to me," the internet has now awarded us, its faithful readers, a Justin Bieber meatloaf. We're guessing (hoping? praying?) that some adult somewhere was forced to assemble this thing at the urging of their Bieber fever-ridden children. If not? Bro, you got some issues.

Another point of concern -- what are the next steps here? Do you actually go through with the baking process? Do you freeze it and preserve it forever? Do you send it to Biebs himself so he can apply for a restraining order immediately throw it away admire it from afar? If you cook it, it's rude to Justin Bieber and probably illegal in some indigenous tribes or something. If you don't cook it, you have rotting meat in your kitchen. Easy solution? NEVER MAKE A JUSTIN BIEBER MEATLOAF.