New Video: Rebecca Black, 'Person Of Interest'

Credit: Getty Images

Rebecca Black's been a "Person Of Interest" ever since she released her groundbreaking video for the song that's unfortunately been in my head since May "Friday." Despite any and all complaints about Black's somewhat makeshift career, her "Person Of Interest" video looks totally profesh.

In terms of plot, we can't say the "Person Of Interest" video concept is unique. But given the fact that Rebecca's only 14, a storyline consisting of intense flirting with Justin Bieber's doppelgänger a cutie at the arcade seems fitting. Rebecca and her teen hunk gaze at each other longingly as they rendezvous at a pickup basketball game. Her beau shows his strength by winning Rebecca a giant-size stuffed teddy bear, but not before these two cruise around in some go-carts. She's living the "Teenage Dream," y'all. Rebecca sings: "When we're dancing real close/Think I like ya/But when the lights go down low/I can't find ya/Now I can't get you out of my mind, yea/It's a crime, yea." The duo stops for a round of mini-golf, which is quickly followed by an impromptu performance scene where Rebecca twirls around with some Gwen Stefani-esque Harajuku backup dancer girls. Yeah, no clue.

Like it or not, Rebecca Black's "Person Of Interest" video reminds us that the internet is constantly toeing the line between "amazing" and "the worst." And we should all thank her for that.

+ Watch Rebecca Black's "Person Of Interest" video.