New Video: Selena Gomez, 'Hit The Lights'

Credit: Getty Images

Even though she might be dating one of the world's most recognized names (Justin Bieber) and she's probably experienced more in her life than most senior citizens, Selena Gomez reminds us just how fun it is to be a teenager in her latest video, "Hit The Lights."

After a few colorful video previews, today brings us the premiere, where we see Selena and her friends just being rich, famous, and good-looking regular kids. They hang out and party in various places -- in a field, at a house party, on the local football field and in the city -- and they look really good while doing it (obviously). Selena sings, "It's a mad, mad world, gotta make an escape/It's a perfect world when you go all the way/Hit the lights, let the music move you."

Selena's so adorable that we'd probably nod in approval after watching a video of her read recipes for rice cakes, but "Hit The Lights" is much more exciting! The song is all about living in the moment and doing what you want, and if that something includes running around with your friends at all hours of the night, then so be it. Enjoy your youth while you can, people, because it's all giant containers of Tums and expensive wrinkle cream from here on out.

+ Watch Selena Gomez's "Hit The Lights" video.