New Song: Estelle, 'Thank You'

The amount of times I've had personal karaoke parties to Estelle's song "American Boy" should never officially be publicized, but needless to say, my love for that record has permanently endeared me to Estelle forever. Luckily though, Estelle's new song "Thank You" is badass on it's own, so even if I wasn't obsessed with her I'd still probably love it.

Written by Akon, "Thank You" is a laid-back midtempo jam that captures the somewhat retro vibe Estelle's been known to favor. The purposefully sparse track consists mainly of some old-school guitar and drums, leaving ample room for Estelle to do what she does best: throw down hard on the vocal front. Estelle's tone is lush, and the song serves as a moving dedication to someone Estelle once loved: "Sometimes I wonder/You even care or realize why I took care of you/'Cause you are my heart/You are my soul/You're my other half/Without you I can not be whole, baby.../What drove us apart in the first place/Now I Know." Toward the end of the record, Estelle's colorful harmonies chime in as she admits, "These tears I cry/Sure won't be the last."

OK, I totally get that you're hurting, but I'd like to recommend a good night's sleep and maybe a hot stone massage in the a.m. to snap you back to feeling great. That, or you could just pop over to Chanel real quick and buy out the entire collection, just, you know, 'cause you can.

Estelle's forthcoming album All Of Me is slated for release Feb. 28.

+ Listen to Estelle's "Thank You."