10 Things To Know Now: Jay-Z Is 'Man Of The Year,' Kelly Rowland's 'Stache + Nick Jonas Can Cook!

Credit: Getty Images

1.) If you've ever wondered how many facial expressions Nicki Minaj can pull off in 45 seconds, Britney Spears' Femme Fatale concert footage of the rapper dropping verses for the "Till The World Ends (Remix)" offers a thorough study. Fact: We lost count after the first few seconds. (Rap Radar)

2.) As if Jay-Z didn't have enough to be proud of this year (hello, new baby on the way!), the rapper was also recently named "Man of Year" by GQ Magazine. (Entertainment Weekly)

3.) We weren't sure if Nick Jonas was the kind of hubby that lifts a finger in the kitchen, but bro's gone schooled us with his mad culinary skills on TV -- dude's not just hot, he sizzles! (Just Jared Jr.)

4.) MTV's Posted artist Kelly Clarkson performed a duet with Carrie Underwood on Clarkson's "Unplugged" special -- or what we'd like to call "the ultimate 'American Idol' face-off!" JK! (PopCrush)

5.) Have 6K burning a hole in your pocket? How 'bout picking up replicas of both Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and "Thriller" leather jackets? Side note: If you're looking to get rid of giant amounts of money, we'd be willing to help. (MTV Style)

6.) Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had their first "parenting" scare when their pup Baylor swallowed a few rocks. The pooch is A-OK, and now the threesome have happily continued with their most-adorbz-family-EVER reign. (CeleBuzz)

7.) Dudes may be growing some hairy 'staches in honor of "Movember," but Kelly Rowland's sporting a milk mustache in celebration of healthy kids. (That Grape Juice)

8.) The holiday season's already peeking its head out of drugstore aisles everywhere, and now stills from Mariah Carey and John Legend's new music video "When Christmas Comes" made just as early of an arrival. (TheYBF)

9.) Rihanna's been generously dropping new songs over the last few weeks, but girl gave fans the ultimate gift at her recent concert in London: a live, first-time performance of "We Found Love"! (MTV News)

10.) Justin Timberlake, James Franco, Ryan Gosling and Pharrell Williams have been named our generations' "Modern Day Renaissance Men." Who knew being so multitalented also included being so damn hot? (BuzzFeed)