Justin Timberlake + Jimmy Fallon = True Love Forever (PHOTO)

Credit: Peggy Sirota/GQ

We weren't actually sure it was possible for a bromance to be any cuter than Jay-Z and Kanye West's current love affair. But the heavy bro-down going on between Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (Jallon?) might just tip the scales. Justin and Jimmy were recently named GQ Magazine's "Showmen Of The Year," and as is evident from the ADORBZ pictures in the mag, these two are madly in love so glad they're besties.

We first spotted Justin and Jimmy's blossoming bromance during their riveting performance of "The History Of Rap" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Anyone with working eyes could read the excited body language between these two and feel their artistic chemistry. But Jallon proved they weren't just a one-night bromance when they later collaborated on "The History Of Rap Part 2" and more recently "The History Of Rap Part 3." It might be the best thing to have ever happened to the history of all rap.

In the GQ spread the dudes chat about everything from Justin's early friendship with Ryan Gosling (he stayed with Justin and his mom for an entire year!), to Justin's take on the best boy band ever *NSYNC (he thinks it's "funny") and Jimmy and Justin's shared passion for daring comedy. GQ also asked the two pals what they admire most about each other, and their answers literally couldn't have been cuter. Justin on Jimmy: "Jimmy's hair. I want Jimmy's hair." Jimmy on Justin: "Justin's got style. I always think 'I could never pull that off,' but Justin Timberlake could pull that off." Mad props to Jimmy and Justin for setting a perfect example for all future bro-on-bro romances to come. #Jallon4LYFE