Rihanna, Little Boots, Sky Ferreira + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs for the Week!

This week's wrap-up includes some unreleased work by a brilliant pop star on the rise, some Swedish ear candy and further proof that the Rihanna reign will quite literally never let up.

Here I go...on my own now!

Credit: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images/AsiaPac

1.) Rihanna, "You Da One"

In case you haven't picked up a copy of Scientific American lately, scientists recently concluded that human beings are more likely to evolve into a breed of half-Pikachu, half-manatee before that Rihanna reign ever lets up. (Kidding, obvs.) The latest proof? "You Da One," the Bajan sensation's latest groove to hit the airwaves. Riding on top of a signature Caribbean mid-tempo breeze and some thick Dr. Luke-produced beats, RiRi gets super swoon-y on this cutesy Island-inspired track.

"You da one that I dream about all da-a-ay," Ri riffs during the chorus. It's a sweet sentiment -- even if the rude girl will probably want to tie you up later. I like it, like it, come on! + LISTEN TO RIHANNA, "YOU DA ONE"

2.) Little Boots, "Shake"

After being "New In Town" over two years ago as the It-girl crowned on top the BBC's prestigious (and impossibly hype-tastic) Sound of 2009 list, UK synth-pop sensation Little Boots has done some growing and refined her sound following her stone-cold solid debut, Hands.

"Shake" is Little Boots' lead single from her forthcoming second studio album, due out next year. Produced by Simian Mobile Disco founding member James Ford, "Shake" takes Boots' signature synthed-out sound (à la "Stuck On Repeat") and gives it a gorgeous early '90s House sheen. "Everybody shake until your heart breaks," Boots lightly croons. Add in some fun robot noises and some sparkling synth patterns -- and grab your dancing shoes. Boots is bound to get you grooving on the floor. + LISTEN TO LITTLE BOOTS, "SHAKE"

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3.) Sky Ferreira, "Dynamite State"

As one of pop's most underrated ingenues, 19-year-old singer/model Sky Ferreira has continued to make loud noises just under the radar since releasing her fabulously synth-pop encrusted AS IF! EP back in March. Now, as she continues to put the finishing touches on her long-delayed debut, indie-pop's enfant terrible has done decided to clean out her closet, uploading several early demos and unreleased clips online to her SoundCloud for fans to hear, including a song called "Dynamite State."

Penned more than three years ago with Swedish super-troupe Bloodshy & Avant (of Brit Brit's "Toxic" and "Piece Of Me" glory) and pop scribe Nicole Morier, the big, bouncy track -- which samples the deliriously happy chants found on Swedish group I Love You Baby!'s "Mon Tou Tou" -- is one storming celebration of youth: "Come on boys and girls, let's blow up the world!" Ferreira gleefully instructs.

And with such an infectious marching band of a backing beat and those delightful xylophone sounds, it's all but impossible not to want to join in on the fun. + LISTEN TO SKY FERREIRA, "DYNAMITE STATE"

4.) Neon Hitch, "Poisoned With Love"

Ever since the song cropped up on MTV's "Teen Wolf" earlier this year, Neon Hitch fans have been eagerly awaiting a full bite of "Poisoned With Love," the England-bred gypsy-pop princess' latest release.

Sandwiched between a sugary-sweet toy box melody and whirling synthesizers courtesy of genius pop producer Greg Kurstin, Hitch goes on a dizzying journey downward as she reveals the not-so-healthy deets on her bad romance: "Blood on my sleeve, I give more than you need, yes I do," Hitch laments. A fairy-tale ending? Mmm...not so much. + LISTEN TO NEON HITCH, "POISONED WITH LOVE"

5.) September, "Party In My Head"

It's been a minute since we last heard from "Cry For You" crooner September in the U.S.A. But after unleashing her fourth studio album overseas earlier this year, the Swedish dance floor sweetie returns Stateside with her latest record, Love CPR, and a brand-new beat, "Party In My Head."

Fittingly, September's new jam is as much of an earworm as the title suggests, as the Swede-pop songstress bops around to the music in her mind. "I don't care about the VIP/'Cause every single DJ's inside me." See what she did there? She don't need no stinkin' club! There's a party happening literally IN her head. Why, what'd you think that line meant? + LISTEN TO SEPTEMBER, "PARTY IN MY HEAD"

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