Video Premiere: Penguin Prison, 'Don't F*** With My Money'

Penguin Prison, otherwise known as NYC dance-pop prince Chris Glover, warns us to keep our mitts off his cash during the funky chorus of his new single, "Don't F*** With My Money." The track, which has been a longtime fan favorite during his live shows, is finally being released as a proper single off his self-titled debut, released Oct. 18. But the ridiculously catchy, ridiculously funky beats of Glover's electro-pop ditty isn't the only reason he's bound to get some attention with his new single. As it turns out, Penguin Prison's picked the perfect time to shoot a video for his cautionary tale about keeping your digits off his dollars.

Directed by Jake Sumner, "Don't F*** With My Money" was shot in New York City last month and it follows Mr. Penguin as he takes a quick stroll through Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Times Square to join in on the protests. Beyond simply being a music video, Sumner and Glover's collaboration truly captures the essence of OWS with this documentary-style clip, featuring hundreds of protesters rallying, holding up signs and dancing together in the streets. Even the police start getting into the groove, and it's kind of incredible to watch. Regardless of politics, though, ain't nothing more revolutionary than a dirty disco bass line, right?

Penguin Prison is out now on Downtown Records.

+ Watch Penguin Prison's "Don't F*** With My Money" video.